Monday, February 23, 2009

Kitten Season is Coming-Spay or Neuter Your Cat NOW!

People aren't the only creatures who like to snuggle together on cold winter nights, and if your kitty isn't yet spayed or neutered, it is likely they are no only doing what come naturally, but they are also producing progeny that will add to the explosion of kittens that the world will welcome in the warmer weather.
It is a sad, difficult life that unwanted kittens must endure as they struggle to make their way to adulthood, and then do their part to keep the species alive, but not necessarily healthy.  So, if your pet isn't spayed or neutered yet, please don't wait.  The fact is that there will be many more kittens born into this world than there are homes for them. The homeless ones will spend a life struggling to survive, if they aren't euthanized after being caught and taken to the pound. No-kill shelters usually don't accept feral cats because they are not adoptable, so the pound will have no choice but euthanize them to avoid being overrun with kittens that quickly grow into cats.
Please don't "litter."  Spay or neuter your pet today.

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